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      Do your mattresses emit any unpleasant odours? When it comes to mattresses, there are numerous factors that can affect them, one of which is mould. Yes, you read that right! The main culprit behind mattresses’ unpleasant odour is mould. Mould can be hazardous to you and your family in any area of your home, but because you sleep so closely on a mattress, mould on a mattress is particularly hazardous. In fact, mould spores in the air are particularly hazardous because they can easily enter your respiratory system. The only way to deal with this serious issue is to hire professional mattress mould removal services.

      Mattress Mould Removal Ashfield

      In order to protect customers from harmful fungus and mould, Anchor Mattress Cleaning Sydney offers mattress mould removal Ashfield services. As a leader in the cleaning industry, we only hire mould-removal experts. With their combined skills and experience, the mattress mould removal service we provide meets all of your requirements.

      To control and destroy the mould, our mattress mould removal experts use non-toxic and safe cleaning products. They remove mould from mattresses without harming the mattress. If you are concerned about the presence of mould on your mattress, please don’t hesitate to schedule our mattress mould removal Ashfield services.

      Why Does Mould Grow in the Mattresses?

      Even after washing the bed sheets regularly, people face the problem of fungus on the mattress. This happens because of moisture that gets trapped inside the mattress. The spilling of a glass of water, humidity in the air and human sweat are some of the sources that can add moisture to the mattress.

      The mattress mould removal treatment can be effective only after finding the reasons behind the moisture. The professionals always suggest some measures to the clients that can be helpful in reducing the moisture in the bedroom and mattress. Apart from humidity, darkness and poor ventilation in the bedroom can be the reasons for mould infestation.

      How Our Professionals Remove Mould from Mattress?

      • The mattress mould removal experts examine the mattress and find out the severity of mould infestation. They try to find the sources of moisture and suggest ways to remove them.
      • They clean all the sides of the mattress with a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. The debris collected from the mattress is disposed of carefully because fungi can spread wherever it is thrown.
      • The mattress mould removal Ashfield experts use advanced cleaning solutions that are made to eradicate the fungus from the mattress.
      • The mattresses are also kept under the sun to facilitate the drying process. This is one of the most essential parts of the process because moisture contributes to mould growth.
      • After everything is done, the professionals check the mattress last time in the post-inspection phase.

      Quick and Efficient Mattress Mould Removal Ashfield Services

      We understand that you want your mattress professionally cleaned and mould-free but are concerned about the cost or the length of time the entire process will take. We allay your fears by providing professional mattress mould removal services. Our certified and licensed professionals use the most powerful commercial-grade equipment and anti-fungal products to permanently remove mould and fungus from your mattress.

      Depending on the state of the mattress, our mattress mould removal treatment takes only 15 to 20 minutes to clean the mould and its stubborn stains, and we can clean your mattress so quickly that you can sleep on it the same day. In comparison to other mattress cleaning services, we offer very affordable mattress mould removal services for all budgets. We can assist you if you have noticed early signs of mould infestation in your mattress. To learn more about our mattress mould removal services, call 0488880966 today.

      Preventive Measures for Mould Infestation

      • Purchase a dehumidifier to keep a check on the humidity level in the air.
      • Always use hot water to wash pillow covers, mattress covers and other pieces of bedding. Don’t forget to clean the stuffed toys that you usually keep on your bed.
      • Open the windows of the bedroom frequently so that the warmth from the sunlight and some air can enter the room.
      • The pets should not be allowed to pee on the bed. The liquid from the urine attracts mould spores into the mattress.
      • Instead of eating and drinking directly on the mattress, place a mattress protector. These days, liquid-resistant sheets are available in the market that can be beneficial in controlling mould.
      • When it comes to the destruction of mould, you should trust mould removal Ashfield services instead of DIY methods.

      Same Day Mould Removal Ashfield Services Available

      We understand that you may require our mattress mould removal service as soon as possible in order to have the mattress cleaned and mould-free before guests or a party arrive. Our mattress cleaning experts are available seven days a week to assist clients with their expertise. If you require emergency mattress mould removal services, simply contact us at 0488880966 and we will be there within a few hours. Have your mattress cleaned and mould-free the same day without having to wait.

      Why is Anchor Mattress Cleaning Sydney Perfect for You?

      Within a short time span, Anchor Mattress Cleaning Sydney has become a reliable name in Ashfield. We have a customer-centric approach and provide top-class mould removal Ashfield services at budget-friendly prices. Have a look at the key benefits we offer to our clients:

      • Our certified specialists use eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-allergic products to remove mould from mattresses.
      • Bookings can be easily done online. Our customer care team is also there to help you 24/7.
      • Take the advantage of same-day or emergency mattress cleaning bookings.
      • Get affordable mattress mould removal services.
      • Our professionals utilise advanced cleaning equipment to handle the mould.

      Do you want to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits? Go ahead and book our mattress mould removal services to experience hassle-free mattress cleaning within a few minutes.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Mould Removal Ashfield Services

      1. How many times a year should I book the mould removal service?

      You must book this service once or twice a year, depending upon the condition of the mattress. The frequency should be increased if you have allergy sufferers at home.

      2. How much time is taken by the experts to remove the mould from the mattress?

      The professionals at Anchor Mattress Cleaning Sydney take about 15-25 minutes to clean the mould and its stains. Sometimes, the duration of treatment may increase if the numbers of mattresses are more, the size of the mattress is large and mould infestation is severe.

      3. After how many hours after treatment can we use the mattress?

      You must wait for around 1-2 hours and allow the mattress to dry completely. Even a little moisture can be sufficient for the recurrence of the mould. To speed up the process of drying, you can switch on the fans and open the windows.

      4. How can I book the mattress mould removal Ashfield service?

      You can book our mattress cleaning services through a simple form mentioned on the website. Just enter the details and submit the form. You can also contact us through the contact number in case of any queries or concerns.

      5. Can you remove mould from all kinds of mattresses?

      Yes, we can remove the mould from different kinds of mattresses with help of anti-fungal products and commercial-grade equipment.

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