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Do you know every night your mattress receives lots of dead skin flakes, oil and sweat when you sleep? These things pile up in the mattress and create lots of health problems. It is not easy to clean the stains of these things because the oils and sweat reach down at the bottom of the mattress. Vacuuming alone is not sufficient to clean the stains formed because of oil, blood, dirty shoes and red wine. Apart from stains, the risk of bacteria, viruses, pests and dust mites is high in dirty mattresses. Professional help from mattress cleaning experts and regular maintenance is required to keep the mattress clean and tidy. Here are the steps that must be followed to deep clean the mattress:

1. Remove the Bed Covers and Other Beddings

To clean every corner of the mattress, it is a prime requirement to remove all the beddings. Blankets, toys, mattress covers, pillow covers and whatever is kept on the bed should be removed before cleaning. Before proceeding ahead with the cleaning of mattress, you can wash the bedding with hot water and let them dry under the sun.

2. Vacuuming

Sand, dust and allergens often get transferred to the bed by the dirty feet and paws of kids and pets. Apart from this, lots of dust get accumulated in the bedroom by the air coming from outside. A vacuum cleaner is a perfect device that helps every homeowner to clean the dust from mattresses and other objects near the bed. Vacuuming both sides of mattresses can reduce the quantity of dust, dust mites and fungus from the mattress. You must follow this step before mattress sanitizing.

3. Stain Removal

Isn’t it sad to see multiple dark stains on your elegant mattress? The stains ruin the ambience of the bedroom and do not provide a calming effect to the body. Professionals mostly use mattress steam cleaning to remove the stains because the heat is able to break the bond between stain particles and fibres. Within a few minutes, your dirty mattress looks like a newly purchased one. The original colour and shine are restored with this method.

Dry cleaning is another technique that is used for stain removal. In this method, the experts use powdered chemicals to remove the spots. The brush is used to infuse the chemical into the mattress. After a few minutes, you can notice the stains particles absorbed by the powder. Lastly, the dirt is collected back by a vacuum cleaner.

If you want a cheap and safe alternative to chemicals, then you can also use baking soda. It absorbs the stains and is readily available in every household.

4. Mould and Dust Mite Treatments

Deep cleaning doesn’t mean the removal of stains. It also involves the eradication of pests, bacteria, mould and dust mites that reside inside the mattress and spread diseases. The mattress cleaning experts use mattress-friendly and non-toxic chemical sprays to destroy the fungus and dust mites from the mattress.

5. Sanitisation

Disinfecting the mattress with environment-friendly sanitisers is one of the most important steps in deep cleaning of the mattress. This additional step is done to ensure the complete removal of germs from the mattress. For parents and pet owners, mattress sanitizing is a must. This process has become even more important after the pandemic. Viruses and bacteria can be hazardous to health and it is essential to kill them.

6. Deodorisation

Stinking mattresses can be horrible. It is difficult to sleep in a room where mattresses produce a bad odour. Wondering from where this odour comes from? Urine, sweat and other types of liquids when penetrate into the mattresses and can’t find enough sunlight and air, they start producing odour. The experts treat this odour with high-quality deodorants. These sprays are manufactured with safe and non-allergic ingredients.

7. Prevention

To maintain the results of deep cleaning, it is important to follow certain practices:

1.  Direct exposure to sunlight is essential to control dust mites and fungus.

2.  Hot water is the best way to sterilize the bed covers and pillow covers.

3.  Dehumidifiers can be helpful in keeping the humidity in control.

4.  Schedule the professional cleaning of mattresses at least once a year.

5.  Mattress protectors can be used to prevent the liquids from entering the foam.


Mattress cleaning services such as mattress steam cleaning, stain removal and dust mites treatment can be beneficial in deep cleaning. The professionals offer customised solutions to treat different types of mattresses. You can always refer to the steps mentioned above to understand the process in a detailed way.

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