How to Get Urine Out of your Mattress?

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Your new mattress has become wet and damaged due to your toddler’s misadventures. Even older kids are prone to bedwetting accidents. There is no reason to panic although it is obvious you would feel a certain amount of anxiety and dread. Take a few deep breaths and do not waste time panicking. Urine stains and smells are not a very difficult thing to handle if you know a few right tricks to renovate stains and smellsout of a mattress. All it would take to get those offensive stains and smells are a few easy steps and some articles that are already in the house.

The longer you allow the urine to sit on the mattress, the more difficult it would get for you to do away with it. Mattress sanitization services and mattress Steam Cleaning in Sydney are useful professional services for getting persistent urine stains out of your mattress easily. These companies also provide mattress mould removal services in Sydney for the mattresses that have become damaged due to disasters involving water.

How to Get Urine Out of a Mattress?

1. Get the sheets out of the bed and throw them directly into the washing machine.

2. Take a dry towel and try to soak up the spot constantly to draw out the moisture from the mattress. Avoid wiping motions with the towel, or you will risk getting the urine deeper into the mattress, and also increasing its chances to stain the mattress permanently.

3. Once you have gotten the mattress surface dry, make a solution containing part vinegar and part warm water and pour it in a spray bottle. Also add a few drops of essential oil like lavender which would be necessary to help hide the aroma of vinegar.On the other hand, you can also avoid the vinegar completely and in its placedissolve a few teaspoons of powdered laundry detergent into water.

4. Spray this solution generously all over the affected mattress area and let it stay on it for a few minutes. Then soak it up with the towel to removeall traces of moisture. Repeat these steps if necessary if thewet patch was very big or stinking.

5. Take some baking soda and scatter it everywhere on the mattress wherever the urine reached. Do not miss out on the borders.

6. Let the baking soda remain on the mattressfor at least 10 hours or even more if possible.

7. After the baking soda has remained for enough time on your urine-soaked mattress vacuum clean the mattress. No odour or stain will remain once you have immediately taken these steps. These steps should help you in taking out the urine stains and resultant smells of your mattress effectively.

Anchor Mattress Cleaning Sydney is an excellent solution when your child has damaged the mattress due to bedwetting. We provide mattress urine removal services other than mattress sanitization services, mattress Steam Cleaning in Sydney and Mattress Mould Removal Services in Sydney.

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