How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Mattress Cleaning?

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Do you feel that some tiny little creatures bite you at night? They can be bed bugs! These insects are brown in colour and oval in shape. They feed on human blood and can be found in various places such as mattresses, headboards and different corners of the bed. Their aim is to stay closer to humans when they sleep and drink their blood. Bed Bugs grow their population really fast. Almost five hundred eggs are laid at a time by a healthy bug. They can spread everywhere and create havoc all around the bedroom. Mattress cleaning is essential to get rid of these insects. Failing to do this can result in skin redness, rashes and poor sleep. Let’s understand the procedure followed by the professionals to remove the bed bugs:

Step 1: Detailed Inspection

The professionals start their work by inspecting every corner of the bed. Apart from bed frame and mattresses, they also check furniture, cushions and wallpapers to determine the places of infestation. There are four signals that indicate bed bug infestation in a home. Firstly, the live bed bugs can be seen moving on the bed. They are red in colour and swell up after drinking blood. Secondly, the droppings of the bed bugs can be found as dark spots. Thirdly, the blood stains can be seen on the beddings and mattresses. These stains are formed when bed bugs are crushed by humans while sleeping. Lastly, egg shells and skin shed by the bugs can also be an indicator of bed bug infestation.

Step 2: Vacuuming

The next step is to use a vacuum cleaner for collecting some of the visible bed bugs. This should be done carefully and the bugs collected in the vacuum cleaner should be disposed of properly. Apart from vacuuming, all bed covers, cushion covers and other linen products must be washed in hot water.

Step 3: Preparation before Treatment

Mattress sanitizing requires some preparation. The clutter near the bed must be organised in a way that the bugs don’t find a new place to hide. Newspapers, books, and clothes must be kept at a distance from the bed. It is better to discard these things and throw them out of the house, if possible. If the bugs already exist on such things, then they can spread in other rooms as well. So, it is better to get rid of trash and clutter.

Step 4: Time to Destroy the Bed Bugs

There are many ways in which the bed bugs can be killed. Some methods involve the use of chemicals while some methods can be effective even without chemicals. The following methods are given below:

1.  Treatment with Hot Water: The bedding must be cleaned properly to keep bed bugs away from the mattress. Hot water is perfect for sanitising the mattress. Right from bed bugs to bacteria, everything is removed from the beddings after hot water cleaning.

2.  Mattress Steam Cleaning: Hot steam works like magic for the eradication of bed bugs. The professionals use excellent quality steam cleaners to clean couches, mattresses and other places to destroy the insects. Even eggs are destroyed by steam cleaning without the use of hazardous chemicals.

3.  Cold Treatment: The bed bugs cannot tolerate too much cold. You can collect the bugs through vacuuming and keep them in a freezer. After 4-5 days, you can see that the bugs are dead.

4.  Chemical Treatments: There are certain chemicals that can be sprinkled over the mattresses for the destruction of bed bugs. Pyrethroids, Pyrroles, Neonicotinoids and Desiccants are some of the chemicals that can be applied over the surface and crevices of the mattresses and bed to ensure the removal of bed bugs. But, some chemicals can be harmful to humans. If someone has health issues, then mattress steam cleaning can be the perfect option.

Step 5: Monitoring and Re-treatment

It is essential to check the treated area for at least one week. The experts place interceptors that can determine the presence of bed bugs after the treatment is completed. Bed bugs can occur at any time if their reproductive cycle is not destroyed. If you notice bed bug infestation even after mattress sanitizing, reach out to the professional pest control team for long-lasting relief from the insects.

Step 6: Follow the Tips to Prevent Bed Bug’s Re-Entry

When all the above steps are executed by the professionals, it is time to follow some practices that can prevent bed bug infestation in future. Here are those preventive measures:

  • Don’t forget frequent washing of carpets, upholstery and beddings with hot water.
  • A special cover can be used to protect the mattress from insects.
  • Unnecessary clutter in different places at home can be the dwelling places for the bugs. So, keep everything organised and clean.
  • Whenever you plan to stay at a hotel or someone else’s home, make sure that bed bugs are not present on the bed.


Regular mattress cleaning is essential to get rid of bed bugs that are living in your bed. Steam cleaning, vacuuming and chemicals are some ways that are helpful in destroying the bugs and their eggs. You can always refer to the above-listed methods and preventive measures to kill, prevent and control bed bug infestation.

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